We’ve all seen it – that low-budget wedding, anniversary celebration or corporate event where the planner decided to save money on the DJ. His aunt’s ex-husband’s brother Dave is on stage rocking out in a way that shames even the 70s. And the music? Well it may be stuck in the same decade.

A DJ can make or break your event. Don’t let a Dave turn your celebration into an embarrassment! Hire a professional DJ. Here are seven reasons why you should:

  1. Dave. Yeah, I know I already said it, but I can’t emphasize it enough. Free isn’t always so grand, and you know what they say about mixing family and business…no matter how far out on the limb of the family tree Dave is.
  2. Professionals are invested in success. Professional DJs are emceeing successful events for a living. If they want more business, they have to do a good job. Friends, families or acquaintances are less invested. For them, an event that flops doesn’t affect much more than their momentary coolness factor.
  3. DJs know what to do. At a wedding or an event on a schedule, you need someone who knows how to keep things moving. You don’t want “Wild Thing” playing for your father/daughter dance or the Cha Cha Slide happening when it’s cake cutting time. Choose a professional who will be in tune with your event schedule and who is comfortable kindly telling people what to do amidst chaos.
  4. Professionals read the crowd. An experienced DJ can feel the energy from your group and attune the music to them. If they need a pick-me-up, a DJ will play some upbeat tunes and engage them to keep the party going strong. Someone like Dave could be so caught up in his own disco fever and moment of fame that he pays no attention to the guests’ looks of horror.
  5.  DJs are smooth. No, really. They make smooth transitions from one song to the next, interjecting words of inspiration as needed. You won’t have long awkward gaps of silence where your college roommate is stuck uncomfortably looking for something to say to great aunt Sally. (Remember how your roommate pulled you off the bar at that fraternity party before you danced with the guy in the chicken suit? She’s a hero. Save her from the awkwardness.)
  6. Professionals have the right equipment. What if Dave’s speaker blows right at the chorus of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”? What’s his backup plan? Professional DJs have professional equipment and backup equipment should something malfunction. Nothing puts a damper on a party like not having music. And remember, DJs who charge rock bottom prices likely invest in cheaper, lower-quality equipment. Do your homework.
  7. DJs have a plan. Most professional DJs will meet with you before your event to create a plan. You can give a list of the songs you would like to hear or any dances you would like to do. You can even provide a list of “No way, don’t play” songs (to prevent your groom’s best man from reenacting their crazy weekend in Vegas to the tune of “Hot in Herre” or your mother reminding everyone of just how much you loved The Chicken Dance when you were 5).

These are just seven reasons why hiring a professional is a good idea…but the list goes on. You want your event to be memorable in a good way, right? Kindly thank Dave for the offer and start your search for local, professional DJs. Trust me. You’ll be grateful you chose to create fun memories you can treasure for a lifetime.

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