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Professional DJ & Emcee in CHarlottesville

Weddings & Special events


Why choose us?

If you’re looking for experienced DJs for your wedding, dance, party or other event, Prime Time Sound & DJ Services has you covered. We are mobile DJs serving the entire Central Virginia region. We know how to get your next party jumping so you can relax and enjoy the music with your guests.

We bring great experience, personalized customer service and professional equipment to make sure your next event is memorable and fun.

There are a lot of great DJs in this area, but with over 250 weddings and events under our belts, we have had the opportunity to fine tune our service and cater specifically to every unique client. Our experience allows us to read the crowd to make sure everyone is dancing and having a good time. People should be having fun at your event, and it’s our job to get them up on their feet and enjoying the party, so you can relax and enjoy it yourself. How do we operate?

  • We DJ with your tastes in mind.

  • We have the ability to mix rather than just play song after song, so we can bring a unique vibe to your event.

  • We provide 2 DJs at every event to make sure all your needs are covered.

  • We are personal and interactive. We take time to get to know our clients so we can give them exactly what they want on their big day.

  • With professional audio and lighting equipment, we can set the right mood on the dance floor and get your party jumping.

  • Our library of songs is over 40,000; plus we can download special requests at any venue with access to Wi-Fi.

I’ve had two experiences with Prime Time, and both of them have been fantastic! They are very organized and experienced, and it’s apparent they know what they’re doing. They come prepared and do a great job of reading the crowd, setting the mood for different atmospheres, and providing a variety of music. I would highly recommend Prime Time to anyone looking for a DJ that will provide that extra element to your event.
— Tiffany
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Ready to Get Started?

We want to hear from you! Interview us to see if we are the right fit for your next event! You can call us at 540-256-2297 or click the Get Started button below.

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